Green Screen Video

Green Screen

Do you want to do “one of those green screen videos” but you don’t have the gear needed to do it? Give it some Clout!

We have a full yet portable Chroma studio solution and have staged our own screen-tests meaning we can have you set up, ready to shoot with full chroma efficiency. More commonly known as a “green screen” shoot you could, for example, showcase a new service or product behind your presenter whilst they narrate the great features & benefits if it to the camera. This method works really well if you wanted to produce a clean “limbo-white” background for your video (works really well with technology demos) or if you’re demonstrating a process on a computer this can be superimposed behind the presenter which also adds the “live” feel to the presentation.

Of course the best feature of a green screen is that you can have whatever you like in the background such as a still image or a moving one that will work to convey your message to your viewers.