Footage Only Editing

Just Footage Editing

Perhaps you’ve been away on the slopes or riding waves with a GoPro strapped to your chest and have hours of mostly not very much happening footage stored on that memory card. Once you’ve got home and unpacked the last thing you probably want to do is to sit through it all to pick out the best bits to piece together to eventually upload to Facebook & YouTube. Give it some Clout and let us do that for you. We’ll process your video into a showreel of awesome with an appropriate backing track designed to get you all the Like’s!

It’s worth noting that our Footage Only Editing service isn’t exclusively for adrenaline junkies. If you have any other footage you’d like us to work on with you then please get in touch.

Footage can be sent to us via Dropbox/GoogleDrive or via other high capacity media formats (e.g USB drive, DVD etc) with a recorded courier. We’ll return your footage with the same methods it was received.